Folded boxes (folded cartons) are manufactured for a wide range of high speed packing line applications, including intricate pharmaceutical cartons with in-line leaflet insertions (Leafsert) and Braille applications, cosmetic and hair industry cartons, and an enormous variety of shelf-ready packaging for point of sale.

We work with everything from basic folded carton packaging to more complex specifications requiring high-quality print surfaces and superior machine performance. Our factories suit short, medium and long production runs, and can set up for speedy turnaround with no compromise on quality.

Our presses integrate: 

  • Application of holograms

  • Foil stamping and braille word application

  • Vision inspection and product segregation devices to ensure non-contamination

  • Insertion of die-cut folded leaflets or labels

  • Application and/or insertion of radio frequency tags as well as anti-counterfeit techniques and electronic security verification.

Glama Pak’s end to end retail packaging services include:

  • End to end cardboard packaging project management

  • Cardboard packaging design

  • Graphic design and artwork (including CAD drawings)

  • Lithographic printing


Leafsert™ Cartons

A Leafsert™ Carton has a die-cut leaflet glued inside its carton for easier access. This offers a range of benefits including:

  • Eliminating inventory handling

  • Removing a process from the packing line

  • Increasing line efficiencies

  • Reduced cost of manufacture

  • Neater and more user-friendly solution for the consumer

  • Point of difference in a competitive market


Pharmaceutical Leaflet Insert Carton